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Last Minute Visitors – What Do I Serve?

Scene: The doorbell rings… Your friends have unexpectedly dropped over for a sip (or three) on your deck. They are totally into mixed drinks and cocktails. There’s no time to put anything together.

Out comes your collection of ready-to-drink sippers.

The Coppa Margarita (Just shake and serve. It even comes with its own cocktail shaker). 

The Girl’s Night Out Sangria (Bubbles, nice fruit and some sweetness).

Next is Betty’s Vodka Peach Iced Tea. A lot of the iced teas are malt/beer based. This one is a little different being Vodka based. 

Now for the biggest craze of the year: Hard Root Beer. Let us introduce you to Crazy Uncle Hard Root Beer. Great root beer flavour! I’ll have a burger to go with that please!

$18.50 – Coppa Margarita Cocktail
$9.75 – Girl’s Night Out Sangria
$3.50 – Crazy Uncle Hard Root Beer
$12.60 – Betty’s Vodka Peach Iced Tea

Be sure to visit us to pick up these and other fantastic summer drinks that you can keep on hand to satisfy the crowds!