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Something Old, Something New & Something Blue

What’s in Your Glass?
Something Old, Something New & Something Blue

This month is a take on the old wedding adage.

The “something new” are both from the U.S.A.  The Straight Edge Bourbon is velvety smooth and delicious.  The Lodi California Zinfandel is full of fruit, flavour and fabulousness.

We’re not joshin’ about the blue gin. It is Canadian.  It is all natural. It is cool as all heck and when you add tonic… it turns pink.   What more can be said!!!

And for our standbys:  Viña Esmeralda is a fragrant, floral and luscious glassful that goes great with anything from appies to fish.  Our Canadian home grown Forty Creek Cream… what can you say about it other than our glasses always seem to have a hole in them when we drink it (wink wink).  

Have fun trying something old, new or even blue.

$26.99 – Boneshaker Lodi Zinfandel (New)
$84.49 – Straight Edge Bourbon (New)
$53.99 – Empress 1908 Gin (Blue)
$15.99 – Viña Esmeralda
$34.99 – Forty Creek Cream Liqueur

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