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What is a Growler?

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We could be cheeky and say that a growler is your honey before he/she has had a cup of coffee in the morning… but we won’t go there.​

Growlers are containers that you get filled up with with some fun suds. Our growlers are one litre and two litre brown glass jugs. (They use brown glass so that less light will hit the beer. Ultarviolet light is not a friend to beer.)​

Always refrigerate your growler. If left unopened (yah, like that’s going to happen) it will be good for about a week. If you open it, then you have about 2-3 days before it will go flat. (Invite some friends over and then you won’t have to worry about that)​

Purchase your 1 litre jug for $5.99 and the 2 litre is $9.99. To fill it up the price ranges around $7.00 to $10.00 per litre. Why the range? Well, it depends on what beer we have on tap. It changes, which is a good thing. ​

Come on in and see what is on tap at our “Jugs of Fun” growler station.​