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Cool Weather Calls for a Change in Drinks

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What’s in Your Glass This Fall?

Snow = Cool.     Cool = Cream Liqueurs

What is it about the temperature dropping that makes us change out sipping habits?   A dip in the thermometer quite often means that we will start switching to luscious liqueurs and in particular cream liqueurs.  

Liqueurs have been around for what seems to be forever.   Many thoughts give rise to the idea that they were derived from herbal medicines that were prepared by the Monks.  Not surprising, really.  They were involved with so many bevies through the centuries.

They (the liqueurs, not the Monks) were often flavoured with herbs, nuts, spices, fruit and even cream.  

Here’s a great selection of cream liqueurs with all kinds of flavours. 

$29.99 – Godiva White Chocolate
$31.49 – Sortilege (maple)
$22.99 – St. Remy (brandy) (sale price)
$31.99 – Forty Creek (Canadian Whiskey)

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