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What is Riesling all About?

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First of all, Riesling an interesting grape name that can be confusing to pronounce. Let’s start with the correct pronunciation of Riesling: REES – ling. 

Riesling is a much maligned grape. There is a misperception that all Riesling is very sweet (not that there is anything wrong with that). On the other hand, Riesling has huge fans. There is even a book about it called “The Greatest White Grape in the World”.

So let’s look at compatibility with food (get ready, there’s a lot): chicken, roast turkey, baked ham, roast pork, roast duck, spicy food (Thai, Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese especially with a sweeter Riesling).

Riesling loves Cheese too: soft cheese, double or triple cream Brie, Blue cheese.

Drier Riesling likes: salmon, scallops and other shellfish.

How about salad? Box checked.

Fruit, fruit salsas and fruit desserts are a great match. Think of peaches, apples, melons and even
some cherries. You kinda catch my drift, I think.

Riesling is a great grape. Here are some great examples.

$19.99 – Kulina
$18.99 – Giesen
$20.99 – Schloss Reinhartshausen (dry)
$20.99 – Pewsey Vale Eden Valley

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