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What is “Craft Beer”?

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A ‘craft brewery’ in its simplest sense is meant to be a brewery that is small, independent and traditional.  In other words… none of the big boys.  Having said that, there are a number of different breweries that don’t quite fit that definition, but they still make some awesome brews.

Do you remember back say 20–25 years ago when ‘micro-breweries’ were making a splash?   They really caught on.  They were, however, a victim of their own success.  There were very restrictive guidelines for one to follow to be called a ‘micro-brewery’ (especially in the USA), one of which was the number of litres/gallons that they were allowed to produce each year.  

Then the term ‘craft brewery came about and there weren’t the same legal restrictions, except for being independent etc. etc.

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